Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Some excerpts : Study of IRENA 2019 on Hydropower,New Journal from Elsevier and An indepth tutorial on hydropower

"Hydropower lowest- cost of electricity in the World" : 
Hydropower has high upfront cost.But low maintenance cost. "The global weighted average cost of electricity from hydropower projects in 2018 was US$0.047 per kWh, making it the lowest-cost source of electricity in many markets" (IRENA 2019).More such facts.

New Journal from Elsevier : Energy and Climate Change
(Shared,CFP)A new journal "Energy and Climate Change" was launched by Elsevier. The scope of the journal is "wide range of areas of energy and climate related fields that apply to the science and technology, as well as economics and social sciences".Editor in Chief : Leon E. Clarke and  Yi-Ming Wei. If you are interested to submit a paper,click here.

An in-depth tutorial on Hydro-power
A simple but in-depth tutorial on hydro-power is prepared and uploaded by  Keith Vaugh of STEM Education & Design at MAGVA Design. The tutorial is exhaustive and self-explanatory.It includes all the related topics of a course in hydro-power. You can find the tutorial by clicking this link.

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